Europe Inspired. Locally Handmade.

Our Ingredients

We pride ourselves in getting the best ingredients in the world for our iced desserts. We use a combination of Ohio ingredients as well as those from Europe and around the world to create our handmade European-inspired treats. We’re happy to share with our fans where we find the ingredients that come together to make the ice creams, sorbets and gelati that we’re so proud of. Please take some time to learn more about the pieces that go into each carefully crafted scoop of Vienna Ice Cafe’s desserts.
Berrylicious Sundae at Vienna Ice Cafe

Our Dairy: Happy Chicken Farms/Merry Milk Maid with Prairie Farms
We get our milk from a distributor called Happy Chicken Farms, which has been family-owned and operated by the Lackey family since opening in 1953 in Urbancrest, Ohio. Merry Milk Maid delivers their cream and dairy products to small local businesses like ours as well as supermarkets, delis and many other businesses throughout Ohio. Chefs throughout Columbus have been relying upon Happy Chicken Farms for decades, and Merry Milk Maid offers delivery throughout Central Ohio, so please seek them out–they offer a wonderful product.

Happy Chicken Farms carefully researched the best dairy farmers in the area and bring us our cream and other dairy products from Prairie Farms, a farmer-owned co-op that’s been providing the best dairy products for more than 70 years. We feel fortunate that our friends at Happy Chicken Farms connected us with Prairie Farms 17 years ago for Mozart’s because today it helps us create the best ice creams, gelati and treats that we can offer our customers.

Our Flavor Compounds: Amoretti
Amoretti creates the flavors that you can find in our bakery case as well as those of the best pastry chefs throughout the world. For nearly 10 years in a row Amoretti has won the World Pastry Championship award, and chefs worldwide rely upon their products to create the finest pastries, drinks and cocktails. We’ve been pastry chefs for more than 20 years, and we know that this is the best ingredient to add flavor to our desserts. Amoretti products have been used in fine-dining establishments around the world for years, and you can find it in the products at both Vienna Ice Cafe and Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe.

Our Fruit Purees: Les Vergers Boiron
Our fruit purees that we use in our sorbets, gelati and iced desserts come from Les Vergers Boiron. Les Vergers Boiron chooses the finest ingredients to create their fruit purees, and chefs worldwide have relied upon their award-winning products since 1942. Recently they’ve created a flash pasteurization process that seals in the original flavors and textures of the fruit to make sure that it’s at its absolute best as long as possible. Pastry chefs and cooks worldwide choose Les Vergers Boiron, which is why it’s been an easy choice for us at Mozart’s for the past 17 years and why it’s what we use today to create the desserts at Vienna Ice Cafe.

Our Berries and Fruits: Ohio Farmers
Whenever possible our fruits and berries are sourced from farmers throughout Central Ohio. We choose the best, freshest toppings to make our sundaes such as the Berrylicious Coupe, and we love going to the Clintonville Farmers Market to pick the best fresh berries. Stop by and taste the flavor that our berries and fruits add to our desserts.

Gelato at Vienna Ice Cafe

Our Vanilla: Madagascar
Our vanilla comes from Madagascar, which is where some of the finest vanilla beans in the world are grown. The tropical conditions in Madagascar help grow vanilla beans packed with flavor, and we love bringing these flavors to our customers in ever scoop that features Madagascar vanilla beans.

Our Nuts: King Nut Company
King Nut Company supplies us with our almonds, cashews and other nut toppings that can be added to any scoop of ice cream and that have become staples for our sundaes. King Nut Company is based in Solon, Ohio, and has been offering chefs and restaurants the best products since their beginning nearly a century ago.

Our Simple Syrup and Toppings: In House
Our simple syrups and toppings such as caramel and fudge are made in house by Doris. She uses her years of experience as a pastry chef to create the best toppings for our iced desserts. The caramel is simply made with caramelized sugar, cream and butter. Our fudge is made by Doris with the best cocoa powder, sugar and vanilla. Taste the difference that years of pastry experience can offer homemade toppings.

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