Europe Inspired. Locally Handmade.

Sorbets and Gelati

Pistachio Almond Gelato

Pistachio Almond Gelato

Small Scoop $2, Vienna Duet $3.50, Mozart’s Trio $5.00, Large Scoop $3, Double Grande $5.50
Enjoy one free topping with all sorbets and gelati! Try our homemade caramel or hot fudge sauces, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, imported syrups and more.

European-inspired Gelati
Our gelati are a lighter alternative to our ice cream and they really let the flavors speak. Our gelati are handmade in the European gelato tradition using the same artisanal ingredients that you can find in our ice creams and pastries.

Gelato Flavors

Brothers Drake Bergamot Blue Gelato
A slightly sweet gelato made with the delicious Bergamot Blue mead made right down the street here in Columbus

Brothers Drake Paw Paw Gelato
A strong hint of Brothers Drake Paw Paw mead mixed with a slightly sweet gelato

Lemon Meringue
Creamy gelato with lemon curd for a light, fluffy flavor

Hazelnut Praline
Strong hazelnut flavor mixed with a fluffy base for a delicious hazelnut praline finish

Alphonso Mango
Alphonso mangos are a type of mango from India known to feature the sweetest and richest flavor of all mangos

Pistachio with Almonds
Hand-roasted pistachios mixed with almond slivers to create an Austrian-inspired treat

Green Tea Gelato
Refreshing, clean flavor of green tea mixed with the deliciousness of gelato for a nice summer treat

Mimosa Gelato
A bubbly summer special with delicious orange flavor

Sorbets from Vienna Ice Cafe

Sorbets from Vienna Ice Cafe

Sorbet Flavors

Vienna Ice Cafe sorbets are a great option for those looking for a delicious dairy-free alternative to ice cream. We feature new flavors regularly, so check back often!

Blood Orange Sorbet
Inspired by the blood-red flesh of blood oranges, our blood orange sorbet packs a strong flavor and rich goodness

Lemon Sorbet
Crisp lemon flavors offer a fluffy option for your tastebuds

Passionfruit Sorbet
Our passionfruit sorbet packs a strong punch of flavor with a fruit symphony and delightful mix of sweet and tart

Williams Pear Sorbet
The Williams Pear is the authentic pear in taste and texture, and we bring that perfection with the right level of sweet to our pear sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet
The taste of summer wrapped up in a scoop of sorbet with all its sweet and sour goodness

Peach Sorbet
Bring your tastebuds for a leisurely trip to Savannah with this light, fruity peachy vacation

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