Europe Inspired. Locally Handmade.

Our Bakery Mozart’s

Our Bakery Mozart's

Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe, Clintonville

Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe was started more than 17 years ago by pastry chefs trained in some of Europe’s best restaurants. The owners of Mozart’s opened Vienna Ice Cafe in July 2011, and the two businesses work very closely together. All of the ice creams and delicacies at Vienna Ice Cafe are made from the same artisanal ingredients from Europe that are featured in the pastries and treats at Mozart’s. The same pastry chefs behind the 17 years of success at Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe carefully craft each of our ice creams, sorbets and gelati in the same European tradition you can find in the bakery cases at Mozart’s.

Vienna Ice Cafe is just a few doors down from Mozart’s, and you can purchase pints of delicious Viennese ice creams at Mozart’s just as you can purchase selected goods from Mozart’s in our bakery cases. Our friendly staff can be found back and forth between both locations and are happy to answer any number of questions in the world of pastry and ice cream goodness.

If you’d like to learn more about Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe, please visit the website or feel free to call or email. Mozart’s has been serving the Columbus, Ohio area for more than 17 years and has become a staple in the Clintonville Community. Vienna Ice Cafe aspires to continue in Mozart’s tradition of the same locally handmade ingredients in scoop form.

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