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Traditional Austrian Cafes

Traditional Austrian Ice Cream Cafe

Traditional Austrian Ice Cream Cafe, 1942

Some people consider Vienna, Austria to be the capital of cafe culture. Vienna is known for its coffees, pastries and the many cafes that can be found in every nook and cranny of the city. Austrian cafes have a relaxing, inviting atmosphere with a friendly staff that can warm your heart almost as quickly as their carefully crafted coffees and teas. When one steps into a neighborhood ice cream or coffee cafe in Austria, it’s likely to find parents watching children play, friends gossip over a cup of tea or a scoop of ice cream and business partners schmoozing over a glass of Riesling.

Traditional Austrian cafes are a place to slow down the day, make new friends and casually bump into old ones. If you wish to anonymously steep a cup of tea or quickly gobble a pastry, your corner cafe in Vienna is likely not the best option; everyone knows everyone in an Austrian cafe, and they’re in the mood to chat.

While many may think of cafes as the place to pick up a quick coffee, in Austria the process of enjoying that coffee is just as important. One of the largest prides of many Austrian cafes is their tortes, kuchen and streudels. When you visit a cafe in Austria, you’ll regret simply having a drink; you’ll want to try their treats and delicacies that are proudly handcrafted by the kitchen’s pastry chefs and created to match a full menu of coffee drinks, wines and liqueurs. Traditional Austrian Cafes aren’t meant to be a drive-thru or a quick stop–although they can be in an emergency–rather these cafes are built for companionship and relaxation. Baristas take pride in their work and craft each drink with the same love that can be found in each scoop of ice cream and each artistic sundae.

Vienna Eis Coffee, Our Specialty

Vienna Eis Coffee, Our Specialty

It’s easy to have a crush on the traditional Austrian cafe culture; it’s a unique offering amidst a world of quick coffees and processed foods. We wanted to bring this rich history of Viennese corner cafes right to Columbus to transform your afternoon to an earlier, slower, more relaxed time. We want to bring the capital of cafe culture straight to Columbus, and we’re happy to share our love both with those familiar with European cafes and the explorers interested in a better cafe experience. We’ve transplanted a traditional Austrian corner cafe at the intersection of High Street and Kelso Road, and we’d be pleased to have you stop by to relax with a scoop of ice cream and a few friends. We’re sure you’ll leave with a better idea of Austrian cafes, perhaps some gossip and hopefully a few new friendly faces to remember.

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